WWJC: Joshua Hill Talks OpenJailbreak

Joshua Hill WWJC

iFans forum member Robert Calaceto is attending the annual Worldwide Jailbreak Conference this weekend in New York City, delivering up-to-the-minute coverage of the event as it unfolds. Several prominent members of the jailbreaking community are at WWJC this year, including Cydia founder Jay Freeman (saurik), iOS hacker Joshua Hill (p0sixninja) and jailbreak developers Adam Bell (b3ll) and Ryan Petrich (rpetrich).

What is Open Jailbreak?

Absinthe-jailbreakWell for starters, OpenJailbreak is obviously is not a jailbreak. The fragmentation of the jailbreak scene has been a slight problem, and so we want everything in the right place with this project. Many users jailbreak their iOS device for different reasons, and there are different kinds of users.

Some users jailbreak their devices predominantly to obtain free apps, while others do so for the true customization of their iOS device. Then, of course, there are the people that bring us those iOS extensions, and lastly the security researchers that help make all these things possible. 

OpenJailbreak will contain open source components from the Greenpois0n and Absinthe jailbreak tools used to exploit previous iOS versions. There will be bug, feature and issue tracking so that developers can help contribute to jailbreaking as one whole.

What is the goal of making this jailbreak code accessible?

There is simply too much code for one person to manage, and it would help to offload some of this work and distribute it among those willing to help. To keep jailbreaking alive, we must work together as a community. Help is encouraged for the jailbreak community. Joshua Hill most likely has a bootrom exploit in store for iOS devices, but when that will be publicly released is unknown.

OpenJailbreak Projects

Cydia-iOS-Devices-iPad-iPhoneThe projects in OpenJailbreak so far include:

  • libmbdb-1.0 for modifying iOS IPSW backups
  • libmacho-1.0 to modify and parse Apple Mach-O executables
  • libimg3-1.0 for decrypting iOS IMG3 files
  • libdyldcache-1.0, libirecovery-2.0, and libcrippy-1.0.

On top of that, there is libafc-1.0 for communicating with iOS AFC, ibipsw-1.0 for parsing and extracting IPSWs, libtss-1.0 for requesting TSS from Apple’s servers, and libbbfw-1.0. There is also libsyringe-1.0 for injecting bootrom exploits, libanthrax-1.0 for running code on ramdisks, libcynaide-1.0 for parsing and manipulating iOS dynamic linker shared code, and libansinthe-1.0.

The list is topped off with libidevicerestore-1.0, libidevicebackup-1.0, libideviceinstall-1.0, and libideviceactivate-1.0. Joshua has plans to develop four different websites to cater to the different jailbreak users that you regularly see in the scene, with OpenJailbreak.org opening up later today.

Fun Facts

  • Licensing will be in GPL and LGPL
  • Joshua uses a Samsung Galaxy S III
  • UnthreadedJB called Josh on Skype during the presentation, and he “may or may not” know who he is.
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