Accessory Review: Griffin Outfit Gloss for iPod touch 4

Next up up to bat in our hunt for the best iPod touch 4 case is the Griffin Outfit Gloss. Available in a multitude of colors (my review unit is blue!), you will definitely be able to personalize your iPod to your liking with these. However, do they hold their own in the protection category? How about the look and feel of the unit? And, of course, is that little stand actually useful? Read on to find out!


This Griffin product is unique (at least in my experience) in how it is put on your device. Instead of adopting the conventional, ‘slide and go,’ method, the case is actually two separate plastic pieces. To install, you slide the top piece down, and the bottom piece is slid up. You then have to ‘lock’ them together – it isn’t as hard as it sounds – so that they are secure.

The case obviously isn’t meant to be easily removed, as I had to work with it for about five minutes to uninstall it. That means clawing at the edges of the interlocking pieces. The good news is that, even though I struggled to remove the two plastic pieces, it didn’t cause any harm (i.e. scratches) to the front or back of the iPod touch, something I was worried about in the process.

Look and Feel

The Griffin Outfit gloss is a plastic, slide on case built with heft and thickness in mind. The case is very thin, and adds only minimal thickness to the already ridiculously thin iPod touch 4. Trust me, you will have absolutely no problems sliding it into and out of pockets or purses. The two interlocking pieces that combine to form the case are sturdy, and I have no fear that they will fail anytime soon. The back of the case is just see-through enough to see the ‘iPod’ and Apple logo clearly. There is also a cutout for the camera and microphone on the backside. On the front of the iPod, the case just the edges. There is no screen protector included, so some may want to buy one separately. One the bottom, the case leaves the speaker cutout, 30-pin dock connector, and headphone jack completely clear, so you shouldn’t have any trouble plugging in your favorite accessories or listening to music.

One of my biggest complaints with previous cases on the iPod touch 4 have been addressed here: the power and volume buttons are completely uncovered, meaning that they are as tactile and springy as they would be without a case.


A case is nothing if it can’t protect, and Griffin’s Outfit Gloss fares well here, too. The back is completely covered, with the obvious exception being the light sensor and camera. That means that this should keep the back of your iPod looking clean and scratch-free, something we all know is extremely hard to do.

The front of the device’s coverage is slightly more questionable, with only the very edges of the device being protected by the case. That means that it is open to scratches, etc., so you may want to invest a little cash in a decent screen protector to stop all those stray scratches that seem to come up out of nowhere.


One of the standouts of this case is the stand that comes included. Its a fairly simple two-piece plastic kit that snaps together, and feels fairly solid; I wouldn’t worry about it dropping your iPod while you are enjoying a movie. In practice, the stand is something of a novelty, only being of use if you are watching a movie on the iPod. If you’ll be enjoying a lot of videos on your iPod, then you may want to consider this option. Otherwise, the stand is there, and it’s fairly useful in a few rather limited circumstances. I don’t recommend buying the case just for the stand.

Final Thoughts

The case is a standout because of its interesting looks and assortment of colors, though it does have some minor flaws in the department of protection. Like I mentioned above, if protection is of the utmost importance, keep looking. You’re sure to find something waterproof and airtight to completely protect your precious iDevice. If you want a somewhat unique looking case, and are willing to give up some little perks other products have (read: free screen protector), then jump on over to the buy link.

As far as value goes, I do think that this case is worth the roughly $25.00, mostly because of the looks of the case. I’ve had people (total strangers) come and and comment that my ‘iPhone’ (yes, some made that mistake) had a really ‘awesome looking case.’ So, in that regard it’s worth the expense.

The build quality of the case is beyond questionable; it’s very sturdy in that hand. The only part that may raise some eyebrows is the protection, which is, perhaps, a little lacking for the price. Like I said above, if looks are your chief concern, go for it. If not, you may be able to stretch your dollar a little further elsewhere.

The Griffin Outfit Gloss is available in a plethora of colors (specifically black, red, blue, and purple) for $24.99. You can buy it directly from Griffin here.

Note: The review unit I received was free of charge, shipped to me courtesy of Griffin. This in no way impedes the honesty or accuracy of the review. Please refer to the following link for any questions:

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