iPod touch warranty near expiry

original ipod touchWhen you purchase an iPod, Apple always provides a 1-year limited warranty. And unfortunately, it is nearing 1 year since Apple discontinued the original iPod touch. On September 9th, 2009, all 1st-gen iPod touchs (aside from those covered by AppleCare) will be out of warranty. Many original iPod touchs have been out of warranty for months, however the last batch (those purchased in September 2008) are next in line to be out of warranty.

With all original iPod touchs set to be out of warranty, one may wonder if this is the end of the line for the iPod touch that started it all. The 2nd gen iPod touch is already approaching its 1-year anniversary, and a rumored 3rd gen model — if true — is just around the corner.

Apple may discontinue firmware updates to the original iPod touch, but that is something only time can tell. On the other hand, they may continue pushing out firmware updates to the original iPod touch, but slimmed down to accommodate for the missing features of the device (ie. a speaker).

Regardless of what happens, on September 9th, I will not be worried about warranty expiring but, instead, how far the iPod touch has advanced in the nearly 2 years it has been released.

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