Apple Nabs #3 Spot in US Computer Sales

The International Data Corporation has released this quarter’s market share numbers for computer vendors worldwide, and it’s looking good for Apple. In the United States, Apple has surpassed Acer as the 3rd largest vendor, and now accounts for 10.6% of the US market share, a 24% relative increase over last year. The growth for other vendors remained stagnant, which shows that more and more people are choosing Macs over PCs. HP and Dell remain the number 1 & 2 sellers, both with nearly a quarter of the total market share.

As noted by CNet, Apple is selling Macs at a rate eight times faster than PCs. Incredible, considering that they are up against an army of PC vendors. As a whole, the US only saw a meager 3.8% increase in computer sales over last year, 7% less than projected. If the current trend continues, Apple will gain a healthy lead over Acer, but will need to more than double their sales in order to catch up with the top two. Keep it up, Apple!

[Business Wire]

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