Sony Impresses With a Deluge of Gaming News: PlayStation 4 Coming November 15 in US

playstation 4

Sony today announced various new pieces of information and changes that will soon affect its entire gaming ecosystem. We have known since E3 2013 that the PlayStation 4 would cost $399 — $100 less than the Xbox One. It was announced today that the system would be available in the United States on November 15th, with releases in Europe and Latin America coming on November 29th. The console is expected to be available in 32 countries across the globe before the Holiday season is over.

Sony also announced that they have received more than one million pre-orders for their next console. In addition to that, Sony revealed that there will be 33 games available by year’s end. One of those games will be Minecraft, which has long been an exclusive to Microsoft’s Xbox platform in the console world.

playstation vita

The PlayStation Vita has also seen a price reduction. The handheld console is now available for just $199. The platform has various fantastic indie games, and hopefully this price reduction will help drive development for the device. The PlayStation 3 has also hit that $199 price point, though with one major consequence: that model ships with just 12 GB of storage.

In my humble opinion, Sony’s console platform is quickly shaping up to be the leader this generation. Microsoft has its work cut out for it as it faces the PlayStation brand.

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