‘byPass’ Removes Your Jailbroken iOS Device’s Passcode

Coming soon from developer Freemanrepo, “byPass” simply removes your iOS device’s passcode. Run it from your Mac and press “Do Magic.” Your device will respring without a passcode. Crazy right? It’s extremely useful if you’ve forgotten your passcode, but what could this mean for the security of jailbroken iOS devices?

The developer notes that it works only on jailbroken devices and is not a bruteforce attack.

This is not an attack in any kind, not even a bruteforce attack. What it actually does is disabling the passcode completely without the need of cracking it or accessing the keychain.

The developer also notes, however, that he plans not to release this as-is. Before the software sees the light of day, he plans to require a tweak from Cydia to be installed before the program will work on your device. This partially eliminates the need for concern of it being used maliciously. Regardless, it’s best that this piece of software be released publicly at some point so that Apple will be required to fix the bugs it takes advantage of.

This is still in development and is “coming soon.”



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