Inside iOS 7: How to Block Websites

IOS 7 logoiOS 7 is a refresh that we’ve all been waiting for. Amongst its new features is an included web restriction setting. This can be useful for parents who want to limit web activity for their children who use their iPhone or iPad. Step-by-step instructions on how to block websites follows. 

You’ll first need to open up the default Settings application from your home screen.

iOS 7 iPad

Then navigate to Settings > General > Restrictions. You’ll need to set up a four digit passcode if you haven’t already. Enter the passcode to continue.


Under the box “Allowed Content” tap “Websites”.


You’ll have three choices to limit web activity. “All Websites”, “Limit Adult Content” and Specific Websites Only”.

Limit Adult Website will automatically block access to websites with a mature audience from your children. Though some sites may slip through. That’s why you can also allow a website through the web filter or add to the filter.


Specific Websites Only will block all websites and only allow you to browse through a select few. You can allow sites through the filter or remove some here as well. When you open Safari you’ll see a grid with site icons and titles. These are the sites that you have allowed your children to access. For your benefit Apple has included several child friendly sites.


Allowed sites

When a website is blocked. You or your child will see this. If you wish to allow this site you can tap “Allow website” where you’ll be required to enter your restrictions passcode to continue. This web filter works across all web browsers.

Allow Website

Allow Website


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