Digital Treasures Props PowerCase for iPad Mini


Being someone who always needs to carry around the necessities to charge my devices, the Props PowerCase helps me out when that needed power source isn’t nearby or conveniently located.

Technical Specifications

Folio Case with Built-in Battery
Battery size: 8000mAh rechargeable Lithium Ion
Charges via USB (includes adaptor cables)
Price: $79.95

Design and Function

The PowerCase uses the folio design and is made of a black faux-leather material with red stitching, which gives the case a very slick look. The inside of the case has a sort of rubberized material that allows you to prop the iPad in landscape mode at almost any angle. This is nice considering that most folio cases have grooves which limited angles. Inserting your iPad into the case is quite easy. Four individual “lips” hold the iPad tightly in place. Just insert the four corners and you are good to go. Beware if you have an invisibleSHIELD installed, as the case may peal the edges of the protector. The PowerCase utilizes magnets that will lock/unlock your device much like the SmartCover, but the magnets don’t always line up and the device fails to lock.

Another thing that I should note is that the case is quite sturdy and rigid, its added thickness provides adequate protection from accidents.

This case is obviously thicker than most cases, (after all, it is housing a battery) and adds the weight of another iPad Mini ( or a little less) to it. The bottom of the case features the charging ports (input and output), an Onbutton, and blue LED charging lights. These lights are activated when the case battery is charging, or when the case is being used to charge your device. These lights were a little too bright for my taste, especially if I were to charge the case overnight.

Charging the Case and Device

To charge the case, insert the USB adaptor into the the Input slot located on the bottom of the case. This small cable allows you to charge the case from any power source that supports USB charging. The four blue lights I mentioned earlier will notify you of the current charge of the case. The case took several hours to charge via a standard home outlet. Though, I noticed my Apple USB wall adaptor getting quite hot after a while.

Now, to charge your device, you will insert the micro-USB to USB (female) into the case. Next attach your device’s USB cable into the USB female slot, and make sure you have pressed the ‘ON’ button so your device will begin to charge. Digital Treasures has stated that the case gives a 100% power boost to an iPad Mini, but I have gotten slightly more than that in my tests.

Note: The cables that stick out of the bottom of the case can also catch on different things, so make sure you tuck them into the case if possible.


I really like the PowerCase, but I’m not a fan of the weight or charging cable dilemma I mentioned earlier. The extra bulk on the case does give it a very nice amount of protection, however.

Having a battery pack that charges almost any device is convenient. Putting it together with a case for your iPad was a great idea. I personally enjoy being able to prop up my iPad while watching a movie and being able to charge my iPhone from my iPad’s case. I can also put my PowerCase in my bag, and have it charge the iPad or iPhone I forget to charge before school or work.

Overall, the case is stylish and sturdy. It is something I keep around for those moments when you need a little extra juice, or just don’t have the time to have your device sit on a wall charger.

Thanks to Jaclyn for the review product!

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