‘Easy MultiClose’ Tweak Allows You to Exit Backgrounded Apps More Quickly

Easy MultiClose is a simple tweak to iOS that cures one of multitasking’s biggest annoyances: that tiny red minus sign Apple implemented to close out apps in the app drawer. Too often do I find myself missing it and accidentally closing out of the app drawer.

Now, thanks to rykah from the forums, you are able to simply tap the app you want to close when it starts wiggling, instead of having to aim precisely for that little red dot.

Here’s how to install:

  1. Make sure your iPod or iPhone is jailbroken, and has SSH installed, and ready to go. If you aren’t aware of what either of those are, ask in the forums!
  2. After you have downloaded the files, unzip them and select whichever has the resolution your device requires. Then click “Bundles>com.apple.springboard” and you will have the image you need.
  3. Move the .png file here: /System/Library/CoreServices/SpringBoard.app
  4. You will have to delete or rename the original ‘SwitcherQuitBox.png.’ Personally, I just renamed the original to, ‘SwitcherQuitBox(original).png’
  5. Then, rename the new file according to your device’s resolution. A retina display (960×640) device’s would be named, ‘SwitcherQuitBox@2x.png,”‘ while a regular (320×480) device would be named, ‘SwitcherQuitBox.png.’

After that, you may have to reboot or respring.

The tweak is also available as a Winterboard theme, thanks to iPod Touch FTW. It is completely up to you as to which one you want to try out, because both will give you the same end result. Easy MultiClose will work on any jailbroken iPhone or iPod touch that has multitasking enabled. If you have problems, just ask for help in the comments!

[Easy MultiClose Direct Download]

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