Noogle Noggles: Funny Name, Awesome App

Delicious Monster takes on iOS and Google with Noogle Noggles

With the fairly recent release of Google Goggles for iOS, a lot of users (both of old hardware and new) were feeling a little bit left out. Luckily, we do have some alternatives, and probably the most polished is from Delicious Monster in the form of Noogle Noggles.

The app is, literally, a Google Goggles replacement. It uses the same services as Google Goggles, a similar (yet arguably better) interface, and will get you the exact same results. However, the best feature is that it will support any iDevice with a camera; yes, that means iPod touch 4 and iPhone 3G. I’ve tested and verified that it works with my iPod touch 4 by identifying a bottle of Al Cass valve oil.

Noogle Noggles is available for the simply fantastic price of free on the App Store.

[App Store]

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