September 10th Preview: Apple’s Next Keynote

Late last week, AllThingsD — reported that Apple’s next iPhone will be unveiled on September 10th. Two days before Apple’s previous announcement of the iPhone 5 last year. While it hasn’t been officially confirmed from Apple. Respected journalist Jim Dalrymple of The Loop confirmed the rumor with his signature “yep”. As if straight from the horse’s mouth. Here’s how I think the event will play out on Apple’s big day. 

Sales and Updates

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook will greet and welcome the audience to the show with an introduction video. He’ll then quickly jump to a quick update of Apple Stores and sales around the world. Showcasing new stores that have opened up between WWDC13 and now. Moving on to sales and downloads from the iBooks, iTunes and App Stores. Along with adoption rates of its operating system compared to competitors. He’ll then pass the mic to Craig Federighi who will discuss OS X.


Craig Federighi’s senior vice president of software engineering will continue on from WWDC13 to further discuss Sea Lion Mavericks. Criag will reiterate the new features of Mavericks once again. Talking about Apple’s own maps integration, iBooks for Mac, Safari improvements and several power user features. Later seeding a GM build available to developers. A release date and a price will be set to which you can download from the Mac App Store.


Phil Schiller will be coming out to “talk about the Mac”. Phil will first talk about the Macbook Pro, iMac and Mac mini. Talking about their latest advances with Intel’s Haswell processors and again reiterating it’s advances with Mavericks. Prices and a release date will all be here. The Mac Pro will also gain new light with a release date. Product videos and advertisements will also be shown.

iOS 7

Eddy Cue and Craig will take the stage again and like Mavericks they will reiterate features shown off at WWDC. Like AirDrop, “iOS in the Car”, Control Center, redesigned Siri and Notification Center. A public release date for iOS 7 will be unveiled for all compatible devices. Along with a GM build for developers after the keynote. Mentioning once again that iOS 7 is the biggest change to iPhone ever.


Phil will once again return to the stage and take about the iPhone. He will again pitch sales of Apple’s current generation while slowly bring the show to the next generation. He will talk about the iPhone 5S’s new features like a fingerprint scanner, a 12 megapixel camera with dual flash and an A7 processor. Assuring how powerful it is compared to the previous generation and the competitors. He will unveil a release date for the several countries and a date for other nations as well as compatible carriers and pricing. A video showcasing the new device with iOS 7 featuring Jonny Ive will be aired.

Phil will continue on stage announcing yet another product. The low-cost iPhone 5C. Phil will discuss how important a low-cost iPhone is to expanding markets. Specifications and product features will be shown off. Like the iPhone 5S, Phil will end with pricing and carriers, colors along with release dates.


The man who opened with the show must also close with the show. Tim Cook will recap the audience with today’s announcements and reassuring that Apple makes the best products and that only Apple can do this. He’ll thank the audience as well as his employees. This will conclude Apple’s two hour keynote.

Tim Cook

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