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Cambridge Audio | Bluetooth Speaker | $ 149.00

While all the wireless speaker creators are out creating rugged, water resistant speakers to tout durability, Cambridge Audio decides to go a different route.  Create a design that looks great indoors, on a desk, but also small enough to be portable on the go.  This is definitely a good change from the rugged designs that have almost become cliché. 


Driver: 2 0.75” Titanium Tweeters + 2 2” Woofers + Passive Bass Radiator

In the Box

Minx Go Speakers
AC Adapter
Auxiliary Cable


Cambridge Audio goes with a very professional looking design with the Minx Go.  The speaker system has a very slight curve to it’s main body while the rounded rectalge design looks stellar.  The Go is available in two different colors, well monochrome: black and white, this allowing it to virtually match just about any décor.  The design of the Minx Go is professional and pleasing.

Design: ★★★★


The sound on the Cambridge Audio speakers is fairly linear overall.  Offers overall a good sound experience that offers strong low-bass and tight mid-bass.  Midrange clarity is a strong suite with a bigger focus on the upper mids and treble on the more polite side overall.

The bass on the Minx Go speakers is driven by a pair of 2” front-facing woofers and a rear bass radiator that runs passively.  The bass offers a very strong, convincing impact that doesn’t quite walk the line of boomy with a nice large body to it, but surely is a focus in the bass.  Despite this, the mid-bass remains tight.  The sub-bass has OK depth, but can get deeper and be a little more fluid in nature, like the low-bass, it’s a little too solid.

The midrange mainly focuses on the upper midrange and vocal regions as a whole.  The lower midrange has an overall decent detailing, but can use some improvements here.  The upper midrange clarity is one that is not too strong and forgiving overall.  Vocals offer a hint of lushness to them, but could go lower, while the upper midrange offers ample energy to the system.

As we go to the upper ranges, we find the treble polite for the most part.  The lower treble has a good, natural snap with great detailing and overtones.  The issue is that the presence isn’t as strong.  The upper treble has the same issue with presence, but also extension up top unfortunately.  It’s amply detailed and never smears.

Audio: ★★★★½


Cambridge Audio does include a nice carrying pouch with the Minx go.  It’s useful when you take the little speaker on the go, as it’s sized for that purpose.  It’s good for storage when not in use, but really only when on the go.  At home, I see no reason to really hide it in a pouch; it looks so nice.

The front grill of the housing is made of two pieces of metal.  A sand-blasted baffle and a perforated sheet that covers the front-facing drivers.  The rest of the housing is mainly a glossy plastic with a beautiful finish to it.  The plastic seems thick and strong overall.  All of this mainly being strong points for build quality.

Build: ★★★★


The Cambridge Audio Minx Go comes price competitively at 150 dollars.  It’s pretty low when compared against other portable BT speakers in its price range in terms of audio quality.  The setup and pairing is quick and painless.  The speaker has it’s own volume control as well as a multi-function power button that also controls play pause.  Unfortunately, there is no way to skip songs or go back to the previous one.

Other miscellaneous features include the USB out that allows users to charge their device while they are using it with the Minx Go.  Auxiliary input is also supported on the Cambridge Audio speaker in case your device doesn’t support BT.

The battery life while playing music is actually pretty good considering how small the speaker is. The speaker does, however, drain pretty quickly when it’s turn off requiring the speaker to be charged routinely regardless.

Value: ★★★★½

Final Thoughts

I have to say, the Cambridge Audio Minx Go is a speaker with a lot of potential.  It’s a speaker that looks extremely modern, extremely sleek, and extremely thin.  The sound it produces is great overall with the 5-driver setup (4 active, 1 passive) to allow you to pump music quite loud.  The Cambridge Audio Minx Go is a small, curved box with lots of potential.

I’d like to thank Matt for the product sample.

Overall Score

Cambridge Audio Minx Go

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