Steve Jobs Once Considered Dropping ‘Pro’ Products


Ken Segall is the creative director behind many Apple marketing projects including Think Different. He also authored Insanely Simple, a book in which he describes his various experiences working in Apple advertising. Today, he posted a blog post in which he reveals a very interesting tidbit of information: Steve Jobs once considered just dropping Apple’s Pro products altogether.

Would Apple ever even think about saying goodbye to the pro market?

I hope you’re sitting down for this, but Steve Jobs did in fact once consider that very option.

This was back in the days when iMac had established itself as a global bestseller. During one of the agency’s regular meetings with Steve, he shared that he was considering killing the pro products.

His rationale was as you might expect: consumer products have an unlimited upside, while pro products are aimed at a niche market that eats up major resources.

Of course, as we’ve seen in the last half-decade, this didn’t happen. The Mac Pro was, however, neglected for many years before finally receiving an announced refresh at WWDC 2013. The company also completely redid its Final Cut Pro software suite, bringing in features that were met with varying amounts of praise and criticism but made the experience easier to use overall. Segall closes his post with something that makes a lot of sense: Apple is pushing for its “Pro” products to be easy to use and powerful, rather than just powerful. This is a new concept, and maybe it is a way of effectively “killing” “pro” products after all.

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