Who’s Behind @UnthreadedJB?

UnthreadedjbA couple of weeks ago a new untethered jailbreak emerged from the depths. It was created to jailbreak firmware that do not currently have an untethered jailbreak (like 5.1 on pre-A5 devices like the iPhone 4). It wasn’t made by any known jailbreak developer like p0sixninja or Comex. Or was it? I don’t know the answer to that question, but it’s highly unlikely. Why would a famous developer hide behind an alias? So who’s behind it?

UnthreadedJB Classic is the first jailbreak released by this developer. The jailbreak is confirmed to be real and you can download and jailbreak. However it is Linux only. Planetbeing and Saurik discussed this new tool on a Reddit thread. Saurik sparked an interesting thought.

The program is custom; it is using the Rocky Racoon packet filter kernel exploit, but the evasi0n amfid bypass. I verified this somewhat by glancing at the binary (opens /dev/pf, etc.), but they also say this explicitly in some strings inside of the binary (which might be output when it runs or something) and in a hidden readme file.

From .REAL_USAGE:Thanks to @Chronic-Dev/@planetbeing/@posixninja for the original rocky-raccon pf kernel exploit. Thanks to @evad3rs for their awesome MobileBackup2 stuff. It worked really well on this.

From jb binary:WE R NOT #FAKR, UNTHREADEDJB IS REEL tanks 2 @planetbeing n @posixninja n @chronicdev for #explot code in rkcy raccon :) :) :) krnl patchs from #opensn0w ))

In the same thread Planetbeing spoke out and said:

Somewhat contradictory. They claimed they had no way to turn off code sign on July 21: https://twitter.com/UnthreadedJB/status/359123979979591680 But turning on verbose mode requires adding a boot argument to the kernel. Another boot argument can turn off code sign, so the ability to do one implies the other. Adding a boot argument requires a bootloader level exploit AFAIK.Given the current evidence, the simplest explanation is that something is being faked: i.e. either the video or the tweet is a lie.

We’ve already seen a real jailbreak from this developer, if he’s faking something the answer is why? Now armed with this new information I think you can cross off Saurik and Planetbeing off your list.

So who is it?

Prominent developer AngelXWind who’s porting a Nintendo DS emulator to iOS is suggested to be behind this as a thread on Reddit (via iFans) pointed out.

I’m starting to think she is…

  • There aren’t a lot of women…in the jailbreak community, and we know UnthreadedJB is female (or if they’re a group, then there is at least one female member)
  • She can emulate UnthreadedJB’s writing style without sounding like it’s overdone…
  • That, and we all know that Karen does have coding skills (nds4ios)
  • She also seems to like similar types of music that UnthreadedJB does
  • Karen uses the same video editor that the UnthreadedJB account uses, Sony Vegas. She says this in her Nicovideo Profile .
  • She also doesn’t answer any UnthreadedJB questions at all, but she answers these. Notice how UnthreadedJB didn’t answer it, but Karen did.

Upon searching the domain’s (UnthreadedJB.com) WHOIS. You’ll find that Adam Insull is registered as the owner. It also credits Adam for his “translation work.” Adam Insull is a moderator at JailbreakQA and helps run the theiPhonewiki.com. He’s only 16 years old while Karen (AngelXwind) is only 15. However he’s on JailbreakQA which Angel isn’t on. She’s on Reddit and Adam isn’t… So how’d they meet? She’s Japanese and Adam is from the UK. When I asked what language UnthreadedJB speaks through email. Uktranan which is a Japanese Anime was the response. Did I mention AngelXwind likes Anime? She’s also extremely busy with iOS emulators (she even hosts her official nds4iOS discussion thread on iFans). So I doubt she has time to do any of this.

UnthreadedJB.com has been recently updated yesterday and now includes the line “WE R NOT #FAKR, COOPYWRIGHT UNTHRDJB 200130 !!” on the bottom of the site. On August 2nd, when asked for the release date of UnthreadedJB she replied:

Coincidence? She later denied that she’s involved with this development on Reddit with her own evidence.

Hey, I can jailbreak iOS 6.1.3 on an iPhone 4S, too!Proof: http://puu.sh/3Iyjw/IMG_0286.PNG(Yes, this is fake.)In other words, IF /u/UnthreadedJB is faking it, this is probably how he did it.Now, UnthreadedJB, on the off chance that you actually somehow figured it out, this isn’t an act of hostility towards you. But unless if you come up with more proof (running an unsigned binary on iOS, doesn’t have to be Substrate), I’m still doubtful of the legitimacy of both the video, and your screenshot.However, one of his videos in particular intrigues me…In order to have custom arguments passed to the bootloader, you must have a kernel exploit. Userland exploits like evasi0n are not capable of doing this.However, there is no USB cable connected. That is the intriguing part of this video. This means it doesn’t matter even if it was the iPhone 4, because the only way for any iOS device to cold-boot up to verbose mode is a kernel exploit, not an userland exploit like the evasi0n exploit.Potentially, this means UnthreadedJB may or may not have found a kernel exploit….Or this is just a really elaborate fake. Make what you will of it.

Unthreadedjb later sent a tweet to Karen.

If you want that in proper English, “Our kernel version is real, but we are not able to run unsigned code yet. We only have root access.”

Adam also denied that he’s behind this as well on Twitter. (Via iFans)

What we do know

  • There is a female involved
  • There is drug use as seem from the videos on their YouTube account.
  • They love to troll.
  • They are young

Chronic Dev Team founder Chronic even praised Unthreadedjb.

I don’t know who’s behind UnthreadedJB. It could be me. It could be YOU. Perhaps Tim Cook has gone rogue and this is what Apple’s board meant by innovate. Is it Geohot? I don’t know who it is. But I’d like to know who’s behind it as much as you do. I’d also like to know how many times I can mention the word “who” without mentioning the band “The Who” and their signature song “Who Are You“.

If you’ve made it this far; I’d like to thank you for reading. Also it is me. Okay. I don’t know who it is.

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