Apple’s Board of Directors Putting Pressure on Tim Cook to Innovate

Ron Johnson Steve Jobs
According to a report from Fox Business Network (read: not Fox News), members of Apple’s board of directors are concerned about Apple’s “pace of innovation.” As MacRumors notes, this board is normally very secretive and, if this report turns out to be true, this is a very unique report as compared to anything else we’ve heard from inside the company in recent years.

From what we understand, there is concern at the board level, sources are telling the Fox Business Network, about the pace of innovation over at Apple. What have they had lately? They had the iPad and a few other things, but they don’t have anything innovating from what came from Steve Jobs and that concern is basically manifesting into pressure on Tim Cook to innovate, and to do something fast.

We should point out, this is an interesting boardroom drama. It does not mean that Tim Cook is out of a job or that there is a job search out there, we don’t know that and I don’t believe that is happening. In fact, sources inside Apple are saying that’s not the case.

What we are able to confirm is that the board is worried about what is in the pipeline. Do they have the right stuff in the pipeline? Do they have innovative stuff in the pipeline? Do they have stuff to keep the momentum going?

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