Here’s What’s New in iOS 7 Beta 5 As Reported By Members of the iFans Forums

iOS 7 on iPhone 5

Every time a new iOS beta or release rolls around, the iFans community is one of the best at digging and finding the changes as quickly as possible. Today, Apple seeded iOS 7 beta 5 and there are already dozens of comments outlining the changes Apple has made I’ve collected these screenshots and thoughts below in this post. Hit the break!

- New Settings Icons

- Yahoo branding in the Notification Center:

- New Settings for Control Center:

- “Powering on takes much longer, including swapping from the Apple logo screen to a black screen then back to the Apple logo.” Note: This is personal experience. May not impact all devices or configurations.

- “I cannot seem to download any apps, they get stuck at “Waiting…” I haven’t tried much troubleshooting yet, will edit if I find a fix.”  Note: This is personal experience. May not impact all devices or configurations.

- New Slide to Power Off slider:

- New buttons in calls:

- Reminders app on my iPod touch now has translucency where I can see the wallpaper.

-  New setting in accessibility settings “On/Off Labels” and I found some new restrictions settings.

- “For the first time on iOS 7, Skype isn’t crashing for me when I open up the messages tab.” Author’s note: Confirmed for iPhone 5.

- I/O on switch toggles:

- You can now pull down on push notifications:

- White devices have a white screen with black logo on bootup, while black devices have the inverse.

- “Play/pause button on headphones remote now works”

- “Names in are now shortened to first-name-only”

- “In the music app if you have itunes match turned on you now have the option to download all tracks by the artist”

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