Nokia Bashes iPhone 5 in Latest Ad Campaign

In a direct attack at Apple, Nokia has today launched an ad campaign that calls out the iPhone 5′s camera. Specifically, the ad compares the sensor of the Lumia 925 to that of Apple’s current flagship smartphone. It seems Nokia has taken a bit from Microsoft’s recent actions when it comes to how to advertise a product (of course it’s not to say Apple hasn’t done the same in the past).

The ad is actually quite humorous if you’ve seen Apple’s recent ”Photos Every Day” commercial – Nokia’s ad openly mocks it saying ”Every day, more photos are taken on the iPhone than any other phone. But at Nokia, we prefer to build for quality, not just quantity.” It displays a few comparisons of what are some real life situations, but i’ll let you see them for yourself.

In defense of Apple, the Lumia 925 was released just about 6 months after the iPhone 5. May not be enough to rationalize that much of a difference, but it’s worth noting.


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