Apple Restoring the Rest of the Dev Center This Week

2013-08-05 12_42_42-System Status - Apple Developer

After more than a week of downtime, the Apple Developer Center went back online late yesterday. Today, Apple has emailed developers with an update as to how the process of reinstating services is going.

At the time of this writing, Xcode Automatic Configuration, the Member Center, Program Enrollment and Renewals, and Technical support are still listed as being down. For those of you with memberships that expired during the downtime, Apple says it has automatically extended those subscriptions.

Apple’s email to developers is embedded below:

We sincerely appreciate your patience as we work to bring our developer program services back online, and we want to give you an update on our progress. The majority of our developer services are currently online, including Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles, Dev Centers, software downloads, Videos, Apple Developer Forums, iTunes Connect, Bug Reporter, App Store Resource Center, and access to pre-release documentation.

We plan to reinstate most of the remaining services this week: Xcode automatic configuration as well as access to license agreements, TSIs, program enrollments, and renewals in Member Center. You can check the availability of these systems on our status page.

As a reminder, if your membership was set to expire during this downtime, it has been extended and your apps will remain on the App Store and Mac App Store.

We apologize for the significant inconvenience that our downtime has caused and encourage you to reach out to our support team if you need any assistance.

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