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MEElectronics | BT In-Ear Headphones | $ 119.99[​IMG]Recently, MEElectronics has expanded their headphone collection into the BT wireless realm, many companies see this as being the future. The Metro represent the in-ear stylings that are wireless using BT 4.0 and APT-X. They actually can push out some pretty good audio overall as well. 


Driver: 10mm Dynamic
Frequency Response: 10Hz – 20kHz

In the Box

MEElectronics Metro
Silicone Tips (Single flange: S/M/L)
Ear Fins (S/L)
Carrying Case
USB Charging Cable



The Metro IEMs, like many Bluetooth IEMs, remain quite large for a pair of IEMs. They come available in two separate colors, black and yellow with the only difference being cable color. The IEMs themselves are a glossy black and have sort of a pill shape to them with a long arm that comes out of each end. The design does have a modern look to it that is also fun at the same time.


Design: ★★★★


The Metro only function over Bluetooth and support the APT-X codec, but not the AAC which Apple uses on their devices (Macbooks and iPods). The signature is reminiscent of a warmer one that is really inviting with good technical ability. The bass has strong punch with a sweeter midrange and well-extended, but peaky, treble. A final note is that there is some gain and feedback when using these; for most songs it’s unnoticeable, but with very soft songs, it can be heard buzzing in the background.


The bass on the Metro, unfortunately, lack the true depth to really create proper texture and reveal its subtleties. Instead, most of the sub-bass remains very solid in nature. The low bass hits with ample impact for the most part, it should be enough for most people. The upper bass does remain quite tight with a punch that is of average speed. The bass on the Metro would have to be my main complaint about the IEMs.

The midrange has a slight warmer tilt to it giving vocals a nice bit of lushness to them while the upper midrange allows the energy and power of vocals to really shine through. With that said, the upper mids also perform exceptionally well in the clarity department while detailing is overall very strong. The mids would have to be the part of the IEM I enjoyed the most having a nice overall balance to them that is sure to be able to please anyone.

The treble is actually quite well done on the Metro, but they aren’t without imperfections. The lower treble is a great presence to it and strong detailing. This combination allows the snares to have a nice, defined snap to them. The upper treble follows suite with good energy and detailing overall. At times separation may become smeared, or the treble a bit edgy in this area. It does also have good extension into the upper edges.

Audio: ★★★★½


MEElectronics includes a case with their Metro BT Headphones. The case is the updated version of their previous styling. It’s a nice case that is large enough to carry everything that comes bundled with the Metro, but not much more. It’s a nice accessory to have and will do well protecting the IEMs when not in use.


The housings on the Metro utilize plastics that have a good thickness to them. The housings are a lot larger than the pictures make them out to be as well. They feel very firm to the touch and are indeed strong despite being made out of plastic. Metal nozzles are used in conjunction to the plastic housings. There is a large, plastic arm coming out of each housing but no strain relief coming out. I’m more than certain that the strain relief is inside the arm though.


MEE uses a flat cable design with the Metro. Since it is a BT headphone, very little cable is actually needed, so it’s just enough cable to wrap around your neck. The cable has a good thickness to it and feels nice. It’s flat, so it will naturally avoid tangles, not that it’s likely that a cable that’s just over a foot and a half long will tangle.

Build: ★★★★


As I’ve stated a couple times already, the housings on the Metro are large. For smaller ears, it may be that the fit won’t be as secure as you need it. Honestly, they do protrude a bit much for my tastes, but I didn’t have any issues with a secure fit. The headphones come with a couple pairs of fins to ensure a proper fit either way though. These headphones can only be worn down due to the long arms that come out of the housings, which is unfortunate as many people prefer to wear IEMs up (myself included). MEElectronics does include three sizes of silicone tips to ensure users can get the proper fit.


Comfort: ★★★★½


I feel that these IEMs, even over BT, are at the level that the A161P provide, sonically speaking that is. They are priced around 120 dollars, which is actually pretty good for the sonic ability these have. The design is fine, so is the build really.

MEElectronics does have a remote and mic on the Metro, and it does function. Except that holding the volume down button goes to the next song while holding the volume up button goes to the previous (backwards to what it should be).


The headphones will only function over BT, there is no way to bypass this and you must use them wirelessly. So when the batteries go, so does the music. MEE does utilize the APT-X codec into the Metro, I do wish they would do the AAC as well though.


The Metro has a lot going for it, which does still make it a good value. It does have a few things it could improve with to make functionality a little better overall.

Value: ★★★★

Final Thoughts

Wireless headphones have made a pretty big hit around the world of audio, but haven’t fully been accepted in yet. They are becoming much more popular. MEElectronics is trying to add wireless earbuds to that list. The Metro is a great entry into the world of wireless IEMs. They sound great and function well.

I’d like to thank Mike for the product sample.

Overall Score


MEElectronics Metro AF71

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