Angry Angry Birds Developers

Microsoft has updated the website for Windows Phone 7 to highlight some of the best applications available on the platform… regardless of whether or not they actually exist. The site showcased the icons of a few popular applications, including the current #2 game in the App Store, Angry Birds. Well, the developers behind this wonderful game did not take kindly to being falsely advertised, and let users know that they are not releasing a Windows Phone version anytime soon. (Although that doesn’t mean that they never will.)


We have NOT committed to doing a Windows Phone 7 version. Microsoft put the Angry Birds icon on their site without our permission.

@techadventures nothing to do with if we do or don’t, it’s just that we decide that ourselves.

Windows Phone 7 is being officially released tomorrow, and Microsoft is putting everything into the platform to make it appealing to both developers and users in attempt to topple Apple and iOS. The mistake was probably made by an eager webdev, but they should really be more careful - especially with games as popular as Angry Birds (since the availability of high-caliber apps is a definite game changer for many potential customers).

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