Greenpois0n Release Delayed

The Chronic Dev Team has confirmed that their jailbreak tool, Greenpois0n, will indeed be delayed in order to port Geohot’s limera1n exploit.

Following Geohot’s controversial release of his jailbreaking tool limera1n, the Chronic Dev Team has announced that greenpois0n will be delayed to port the exploit used in limera1n. While this will push the release date back, it will ensure that two exploits aren’t used at one time and (hopefully) will stop Apple from patching the SHAtter exploit.

Keeping the SHAtter exploit under wraps will allow it to affect more devices in the future, since it uses the Apple A4 chip powering the iPad, iPhone 4, and iPod touch 4. In a year, or six months, there should be more devices out using the A4 chip, which hopefully means that they will also be pwned4life. Whether you agree with Geohot’s brash decision, this is probably best for all current and future end users interested in jailbreaking and modifying their iDevice.

[Chronic Dev Team blog]

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