Review: Chrome Bravo Night is the Backpack You’re Looking For

Chrome Bravo Night

The Bravo Night is a roll-top backpack designed and manufactured by Chrome Industries. Chrome Industries, a company whose products were previously unknown to me, designs their backpacks and bags so as to be beautiful, but more importantly useful under all settings.

The Bravo Night is my first encounter with their products, but the quality and overarching sense of attention to detail ensures that it won’t be my last.

The folks over at Chrome Industries were kind enough to send me a review unit. After using it over the past weekend as I traveled across the state of Texas on various flights, I’m confident in both its quality and usefulness.


The backpack’s main compartment is very spacious, but also well-protected: I would have no qualms in storing something breakable or valuable here. The main compartment has a trick, though: it’s a roll-top. This means that the storage space is expandable, making the compartment even more spacious — I had no trouble storing various changes of clothes, papers, and other items here.

The next compartment of the bag is smaller, but it also includes a slip for a laptop. My 13″ MacBook Air fit perfectly, though I imagine that anything larger than a 15″ computer (or a particularly thick 13″ model — gaming laptops, I’m looking at you) may not fit.

This compartment also seems to be well-protected in all directions — I didn’t have any misgivings about placing my precious MacBook in this bag, even as I was slinging it about in airports and in planes.

The main compartment of the bag also has the distinction of being waterproof — I wasn’t anxious to test this feature, but I was caught out in the rain more than once as I tested the backpack. It held up perfectly: the roll-top cover has the advantage of preventing any water from accessing the inside of the bag. The rest of the bag is water-resistant, and again it showed: the contents of the bag were perfectly dry, although I was drenched.


The Bravo Night is also comfortable to wear, with the back being padded with foam inserts. The straps are nice and strong, and are fastened securely to the bag — I don’t see them wearing out anytime soon.

The Bravo Night looks striking — it’s all black. The backpack is both professional and daring. It’s as appropriate in a meeting as it is on the back of a bike rider racing through the city at night.

That latter situation is partially for what the backpack was designed for: there is a reflective panel installed on the bag so as to make it visible in headlights. It’s a fantastic touch, especially considering that the bag is completely black.

For me, the Bravo Night is the best backpack I have ever used. It’s a fantastic product in every way: it held everything I needed it to, it survived various airports and planes, it protected everything in it in a downpour, and it looked downright suave. The next time someone asks me about what backpack they should buy, I have an answer.

The Chrome Bravo Night is available for $180.00. Thanks to Chrome Industries for providing me with a review unit.

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