The Next iPad Mini Will / Will Not Have a Retina Display


You may want to listen to this while reading through this post. Yesterday saw Mark Gurman of 9to5mac — one of, if not the, most accurate sources of Apple information on the internet — stating that the next iPad mini would be based on the A6 chip platform, but that the product wouldn’t include an updated, high-resolution retina display. This information is actually based upon code strings found in iOS 7, though there have been rumors for some time that Apple wasn’t going to be adding a retina display to the iPad mini in its second iteration.

But then The Wall Street Journal hit back. The WSJ is another accurate source of Apple rumors. More importantly, the newspaper tends to be one of the places that Apple PR goes to leak stories, meaning that this story could have been ceded to dispel the above story.

It’s up to you to decide — there’s a compelling argument on both sides. With increased competition from Google’s new Nexus 7, there’s more pressure than ever on Apple.

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