Rumor: Geohot Returning with Limera1n

This is all based on extreme speculation, but there is a rumor going around that Geohot is making a comeback with a jailbreak called limera1n, which will supposedly work on all iDevices. This sounds wonderful since it will liberate 3rd generation devices (which have remained resilient to the current exploits), but according to Will Straface, a limera1n release will ‘use up’ the exploit they planned to use for 5th gen devices.


To clarify for those that don’t get it, if geohot releases this, it makes a perfectly good method for jb’ing iPhone / iPod 5th gen go away.

[7:45pm] geohot: eh, i’ll just steal your exploit [7:45pm] geohot: and beat you to the release

The rumor started when the splash-screen redirected to an image displaying a slew of ‘limed devices, and the Twitterverse seems to believe that it will be released on 10/11, the day after greenpois0n’s ETA.

Would you trade a possible 5th generation device exploit for the ability to jailbreak every current iDevice? Personally, I don’t think it’s worth it.

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