What Does the iPhone 5C Stand For?

iPhone 5C packaging

A picture showing a bin full of “iPhone 5C” packaging has surfaced on Chinese website WeiPhone, leading to great speculation as to what the name could stand for. It is rumored that the iPhone 5C could be the name of the low-priced iPhone, but what does the “C” stand for if so?

The most obvious guess would be that “C” stands for “color,” as the purported budget iPhone is expected to be available in a myriad of different colors. But, a number of other guesses have also been put on the table, ranging from California and China to cheap and polycarbonate. 


Apple has adopted a similar naming process for its flagship iPhone models, having released the iPhone 3GS in 2009 and iPhone 4S in 2011 respectively. The “s” in iPhone 3GS stood for “speed,” while the “s” in iPhone 4S was for the “Siri” personal voice assistant.

As far as this leaked packaging goes, it could easily be something manufactured by Chinese counterfeiters. But it does share similarities with past Apple packaging, particularly the plastic casing for the fifth-generation iPod touch. Apple is expected to debut its low-priced iPhone this fall alongside the iPhone 5S.

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