Apple Hits 1 Billion Podcast Subscribers: Do You Care?


Apple announced yesterday that they had surpassed one billion podcast subscriptions through iTunes. Apple’s podcasting efforts launched in 2005 with an update to iTunes, and since then it has become the dominant way to download podcasts.

Compared to other recent Apple milestones, however, one billion seems small. It speaks less to iTunes’ efficiency as a podcast network and more to the overall popularity of podcasts in general. Personally, I love podcasts — they are how I consume my news at this point. I find that audio is just far more versatile than video, and even text in many cases — I can listen through headphones, in my car, or over my stereo system in the shower.

But podcasts don’t seem to be gaining as much traction as previously thought. Even Apple seems to have de-prioritized podcasts, as the functionality has been removed from the native and replaced by an optional download in the App Store. Do you listen to podcasts?


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