iOS 7 Beta 4 Likely Delayed Due to Developer Center Downtime

icono-ipswApple is currently working as fast as it can behind the scenes to overhaul its Developer Center after a white hat hacker breached the service and obtained the personal information of select users. As the Developer Center has been offline for the past few days, it is likely the reason why iOS 7 beta 4 was not seeded to registered developers this afternoon.

Based on the past release cycle of the first three iOS 7 betas, it appeared that Apple would be releasing further betas on alternating Mondays. iOS 7 beta 4 was expected to be seeded today, on Monday, July 22nd, at approximately 1:00 PM Eastern, but that date has come and gone without any indication we’ll be seeing the update.

Apple promptly adds a list of download links for all beta builds of iOS to its Developer Center, alongside release notes, so this portal being down has likely delayed that move. We’ll have updates when the Developer Center comes back online, and as soon as the fourth iOS 7 beta drops. “Patience is a virtue” has never been more true.

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