Updated: Apple’s Online Store is Down, Too

We'll be back apple store

Update 2: Apple’s developer website was targeted by hackers. Registered developers have been notified via email of the attack.

Update: Apple’s online store is back online after a relatively brief period of time. Apple’s developer center, however, is still offline — Marco Arment, a famed iOS developer, offers some thoughts on what this extended downtime might mean. The original story is available after the jump.

Apple’s online store, located at store.apple.com, is now offline. This comes after Apple’s developer portal has been offline for more than 48 hours.

Apple’s online store simply states the above “We’ll be back soon” placeholder images which cycles through various languages. Apple’s developer site, on the other hand, offers more information as to the outage. Apparently, this is just maintenance that is taking longer — far longer, I’d wager — than planned. That image, which comes by way of forum member Apple951, is available after the break and in the comments.

So, it does not, in fact, seem as if the purge is occurring in Cupertino. Instead, it appears that Apple’s online services are simply having issues. Here’s to hoping that those issues are being fixed in this maintenance period, and that this doesn’t become a common occurrence. Hey, Apple — you’ve got billions. Buy some web expertise.

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