Apple Launches New Ad Focusing on the Retina (Display)

Today, Apple released a new commercial highlighting what might just be the best feature of the iPhone 4: the Retina Display. The advertisement shows off various reasons why you don’t need to ever see a single pixel again. The catchphrase is definitely every, and the narrator details just what you need to see in 960×640 goodness.

This is the highest resolution phone screen ever. So, every freckle, every wrinkle, every letter, every word, every tweet, tune, battle, and memory looks more beautiful than ever before.

So, effective ad? I’d personally say yes, as the Retina Display is one of the iPhone 4′s biggest selling points to geeks, but the normal, everyday consumer may not know what a 960×640 display all crammed into 3.5 inches will do for their everyday tasks. This is also the first new commercial launch since the iPhone 4′s release date, meaning that Apple may be gearing up for a Holiday Season blitz to push the phone into as many people’s hands, especially in the face of rising competition from many sides, even on their traditionally-safe U.S. partner, AT&T.

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