Microsoft Continues to Attack iPad After $900 Million Surface Tablet Blunder

Microsoft continues its aggressive marketing campaign against the iPad, releasing a new TV advertisement on Friday that mocks the Apple tablet for its absence of three Surface features: a real keyboard, kickstand and USB port. The 30-second spot also promotes the Surface’s new $349 price tag, over $599 for the iPad; however, the ad only shows the additional $119 cost for the Touch Cover in the fine print.

It is rather unsurprising that Microsoft is pushing to increase Surface sales, as the tablet cost the company $900 million in losses due to “inventory adjustments.” That’s a nice way of saying that the tablet is not selling, with only 1.8 million Surface RT units sold in the past two quarters. And when you’re forced to knock $150 off your flagship tablet, you know things aren’t going too well.

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