Apple TV 30 Day Rental Loophole

It looks like some of Apple’s programmers were sleeping on the job, because a forum member over at MacRumors has found a rather awesome loophole on the Apple TV. Basically, if you rent a video on iTunes, and stream it to the Apple TV, the “24/48 hour countdown” is never triggered – so you have a full 30 days to watch the movie or show at your leisure, as many times as you like. (As long as you don’t start the video on iTunes itself.)

- Rent a show/movie on your Mac’s iTunes
- When you begin watching the rental on the Apple TV, no warnings appear indicating that you must finish watching the movie within 24/48 hours
- The iTunes rental counter should still show 29+ days remaining
- Note: if you do try to watch the movie through iTunes, it will kick off the 24/48 hour countdown

This lapse in code will probably be fixed quickly, either with an update to iTunes or the Apple TV… but, you don’t have to update, now do you?


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