Russian Carriers Bid Adieu to the iPhone

iPhone 5 Stack

All three of the major Russian carriers have now severed their ties with Apple, opting to go with either Windows Phone or Android instead.

In an article by Fortune, the carriers state that they are simply tired of the onerous terms put in place by Apple: “Apple wants operators to pay them huge money subsidizing iPhones and their promotion in Russia.” Further, Apple also has stringent rules in place surrounding advertising and marketing, and how much control a carrier actually gets over an iPhone.

Luckily for potential customers, the iPhone will still be available through other means. The device is available unlocked on the Russian Apple website, although for a very high price, and an iPhone can likely be come by in the larger cities for less via grey markets. There’s also a rumor that Apple will soon be expanding its retail locations to the largest of the Russian cities.


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