23 Beautiful Wallpapers for iPhone 5, iPod touch 5G


Sometimes one stumbles across an absolutely beautiful photo that they see and think to themselves “I have to make that my iPhone wallpaper right now.” When I saw these photos taken by Twitter user @drcon, I couldn’t help but think exactly that – for every. single. one. So, with permission, I decided I would share them with you. After the break you will find a total of 23 awesome photographs converted to 4-inch device wallpapers. All of them are absolutely, completely 100% free for you to use. You can visit this page on your device to quickly save them to your camera roll. Or, alternatively, you can save them to your desktop and send them over using iTunes or a cloud storage service such as DropBox. Enjoy.

If you love this set as much as I do, I bet the photographer would love for you to share them around – just make sure you give proper credit.

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