Try Eric Castro’s LyricFlow (Beta) Tweak Right Now

In April, we told you about an awesome tweak called LyricFlow that brings an iTunes 11-like cover flow experience to iOS. Today, its developer Eric Castro tells us that the tweak is finally in beta – and you can try it right now!

“[The tweak is] highly focused on aesthetics, visual effects, and simplicity,” Castro claims. “Interface color scheme matches album artwork as seen in iTunes 11. By the way: effects and transitions are WAY smoother in the real app. But this was the best quality and FPS I could get using Display Recorder.”

iTunes 11 introduced a new interface that detects the colors used in album art to create an aesthetically pleasing way to listen to music. LyricFlow is Casto’s attempt at recreating this experience for iOS and, after months of hard work, it appears the initial builds are ready for public testing.

To get a better idea of how the tweak works–and get a look at its beauty–be sure to watch the teaser video embedded  after the break. And if you have a hankering for free buggy software, the instructions to grabbing the LyricFlow beta can also be found below.

To get the beta version of LyricFlow, you’re going to have add new repository to Cydia. To do so, head over to the Sources section of cydia and add the following:


From there you can go to the sources section once again and select the LyricFlow beta repo. You’ll find a package for the LyricFlow beta and from there you can install the tweak just as any other. It’s worth noting, though, that when you add the repo there’s currently two versions available. One is a standalone app, and the second modifies coverflow in

Is this a tweak you’re excited for? Tweak development has slowed since the release of evasi0n in February and interest in jailbreaking has seemingly waned in anticipation of iOS 7 – many users are even ditching their jailbreaks to give the iOS 7 beta a try. Are you going to try out this tweak? If so, be sure to leave your comments.

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