Google Hosting a Mysterious Press Event Next Wednesday


As reported earlier today by Engadget, Google has this morning sent out invites to a special “breakfast” with Sundar Pichai, the Mountain View corporation’s head of Android and Chrome. There’s no word yet on what the event is exactly for, but we can of course expect there to be an announcement of some kind. Considering Pichai’s position at Google, it’s likely that the announcement will be somewhere in his realm–Android and/or Chrome–but, then again, that’s a very big and broad part of Google now.

There have of course been rumors of Android 4.3 getting some light, but I personally would love to see the next Nexus 7. Google’s own tablet offering is already more than a year old and is due for a refresh, in my humble opinion. For the record, a Moto X¬†unveil is unlikely as that would surely be Motorola’s announcement, not Google’s.¬†What do you think the event will be for?

The news first came from JR Raphael on Twitter; you can find that tweet embedded after the break.

[via Engadget]

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