BGR: iPhone 5S Could Feature LiquidMetal Casing

iPhone 5

As usual for this time of year, speculation surrounding the next-generation iPhone 5S is beginning to heat up. In addition to a rumored 12-megapixel camera with dual LED flash and fingerprint scanner, among other features, Jonathan Geller at BGR believes that Apple will turn to LiquidMetal casing for its latest iPhone.

Geller has come to the realization that the purported SIM trays for the iPhone 5S that his website exclusively leaked are injection molded out of LiquidMetal, a strong and durable material that is highly resistant to cosmetic wear and tear. In other words, the days of scratching your iPhone could be long gone. 

iPhone 5S SIM Tray

Geller recalls owning an older mobile phone that utilized LiquidMetal:

The Vertu Ascent in 2004 was the first of a range of Vertu handsets to feature the LiquidMetal alloy, and it’s composition is unmistakable. It’s an almost powdery metal and I can attest to its strength and durability because I remember dropping my Vertu on multiple occasions on the concrete pavement of New York City only to pick it up and happily find that there was never a scratch on it.

Last fall, there was a significant outpour of criticism about how scratch-prone the iPhone 5 was. Early adopters of the smartphone were finding that the anodized finish was wearing off, exposing the natural aluminum underneath. Apple marketing chief Phil Schiller called it something “normal” a few days later.

Apple could eliminate this problem by switching to an LiquidMetal enclosure on the iPhone 5S, which would give the smartphone much improved anti-wearing properties. Moreover, Geller expects that the Cupertino-based company will be exploring — and likely using — sapphire crystal material to cover its future displays.

A mockup of a LiquidMetal iPhone from last year.

A mockup of a LiquidMetal iPhone from last year.

I imagine that these purported design changes do not sit well with third-party accessory makers, who have made fortunes off selling iPhone cases and screen protectors for a pretty penny. But for the consumer, especially those who are prone to dropping their devices, this move would be more than welcomed.

Multiple sources have confirmed that the iPhone 5S has now entered production, ahead of a September or October announcement. Other rumored features of the handset include an IGZO display, NFC and multiple color options, improved battery life, 2 GB RAM and an Apple A6 processor with a higher clock speed.

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