Lifetime iPhone Sales Are About to Surpass iPod Sales

iPhone 5 Stack

As a testament to how far Apple has come since approaching bankruptcy just prior to the millennium, cumulative iPhone sales will soon pass the number of iPods sold since the portable media player was introduced in 2001. To put that in perspective, the iPhone wasn’t released until six years later.

Apple will announce its third quarter financial results on Tuesday, July 23, and it is expected that the number of iPhone sales will be enough for the handset to eclipse the iPod in terms of lifetime units sold. While it still accumulates millions of dollars in revenues, the iPod has been declining in units sold for several consecutive quarters.

Apple reestablished its presence in the tech industry in a major way with the iPod, which was closely followed by iTunes and several other new products and services. Since then, the focus has shifted to the iPhone, iPad and Mac, three products that have driven Apple to become the world’s most valuable tech company.

Via: BGR
Image Source: Flickr

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