Apple Wants TV Viewers to Pay to Skip Commercials


The Apple TV has long been rumored, but it hasn’t been clear just what path Apple would take in releasing a differentiated television service.

Many hoped that Apple could introduce a lá carte pricing, or else any other way to disrupt how the television industry currently works. While something like that may happen, it seems that Apple is instead hoping help consumers in a different way: according to a new report, a future Apple TV would be able to skip commercials on live TV, but that ability would come at a literal cost.

Customers would be able to skip commercials on any channel for a set price. That price hasn’t been revealed, but it would presumably have to be low.

Similar technology has been introduced in the past, though all eventually failed due to resistance from the TV industry. Apple may be the first to do it, but it doesn’t appear to be the solution many want.


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