Analyst: Production of Low-Cost iPhone has Begun, iPhone ’5S’ to Follow Soon

iPhone 5

The number of rumors that get thrown around this time of year can be sickening, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to stop reporting them. Actual production of the low-cost iPhone has already begun and that of the next generation iPhone will begin this month, according to Jeffries analyst Peter Misek. He claims that the latter device is going into production to prep for a September or October release. Such a date would make sense considering Apple’s current release cycle. Misek expects Apple to order 50-55 million iPhones and, according to Business Insider it comprises of 5 million iPhone 4S units, 20 million low-cost iPhone units, and 25 million iPhone 5S units.

As for the low-cost iPhone, Misek expects the device to be priced in the range of $300-400 without carrier subsidy. It’s expected to feature “mid-range” specifications that may not allow it to truly compete with the budget offerings of other manufacturers such as Samsung in emerging markets. Cult of Mac has compiled a list of wacky predictions Peter Misek has made, however, so I wouldn’t take this prediction for anything more than informed speculation. But it’s almost fact at this point that Apple will be introducing the next generation iPhone as well as a “low-cost” model sometime this year. When that will be and the details of either device are yet to be seen.

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[Business Insider via Cult of Mac]

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