Possible Baseband Crash Found for 05.14.02

Greenpois0n is right around the corner, waiting to liberate every iOS device from Apple’s grasp. But, at the moment, there is no corresponding 4.1 unlock for the iPhone ready, so customers will be stuck with using only supported carriers. The Dev-Team and friends are busy at work trying to find a hole in iOS, and it looks like there is some potentially promising news.

Clayton Braasch, the man behind the comegox twitter account has found a possible baseband crash, potentially unlocking 4.1 iPhones.

It has not been confirmed by a devteam member such as muscle nerd, however it is possible, so stay tuned.

Video of the crash in action.

So far, Braasch has found a total of 4 exploits, but none are a sure-thing.

Another brief demo of a crash I found (this would be #4 total [2 weren't exploitable, and the third is still being tested]).

The chances of a unlock being released alongside the jailbreak are slim, but hopefully a workable exploit will soon be found.

Thanks Hexane!

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