iOS 7. Move Now, or Be an Insta-delete.

iOS 7. Move Now, or Be an Insta-delete.


What happened when the iPhone 5 hit our shores?

Well, within days of having it, a letterboxed app was pretty much an insta-delete.

At that point, our clients came back with urgent requests to make their app 4-inch compatible.

I predict the iOS 7 effect will be worse. Within a week of running full time, those apps which haven’t been modernised to look like an iOS 7 app will look very old. They too will become insta-deletes.

Mobile app development house Tapadoo offers their advice regarding applications making the update to iOS 7. In essence, developers don’t want to be caught looking old and drab. The apps that don’t make the update will likely be deleted, and replaced by applications that look correct in iOS 7.

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