Apple and Samsung Reportedly Sign Deal for 14 Nanometer Chips


Apple and Samsung have one of the most checkered relationships in technology, but it appears that at least a part of Samsung and Apple have made nice and reached an agreement. According to The Korea Economic Daily, Samsung has agreed to provide Apple with 14 nm SoCs in 2015.

This comes after Apple signed a deal with another fabrication corporation, TSMC, to provide chips for the future. However, many questioned if TSMC could actually produce chips in the quantity that Apple requires for its high-profile iOS devices.

The future of Apple’s chip production seems to be up in the air. Many seem to think that Apple is interested in purchasing the necessary facilities to fabricate their own designs, though that would require a massive amount of capital. Others think that Apple will continue to design the chips, but have separate entities like Samsung and TSMC actually build them.

[The Korea Economic Daily via MacRumors]

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