Share Random Photos From Across the World with Melt

meltThere may already be one too many social media networks being used by the masses, but I guess one more couldn’t hurt. Melt is the first of its kind on iOS at least, and brings what seems to be a classy version of SnapChat mixed with Chat Roulette.

The basic premise of the app is one of sending and receiving photos from across the world–you’re constantly being paired with a random partner and receiving different photos. After you receive a photo, you have the option of liking it, reporting it, or even taking the step of adding its photographer as a friend on the service. From there, you can have a chat and get to know some random strangers if you wish.

It’s a pretty simple concept, but I found it quite fun. Many of the photos are actually high-quality glimpses into the lives of others around the world. I photos of wide variety–from city skylines to Russian hallways. I know what you’re thinking, though, and I had the same concern upon first installing the app. I used Melt for 15 minutes, saw around 30 photos, and did not see one single glimpse of male genitalia. I assume it’s only a matter of time though, so I would suggest giving the app a try before it degrades to absolute crap.¬†Upon being pressed with the above concern by a user on Reddit, the app’s creator had this to say: “So far it’s been remarkably clean for us.”

The app is completely free and available on the App Store right now.

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