Deus Ex: We Are Sorry But You Can’t Fire on Jailbroken Devices

Deus Ex

iFans forum member nekomichi writes:

If [Deus Ex] detects that the device is jailbroken, the trigger function is disabled throughout the entire game, making gameplay almost impossible. Although this was done in an attempt to discourage software piracy, the trigger-lock is actually applied to all jailbroken devices, even if the user has legitimately paid and purchased the game from the App Store.

This is a highly controversial move by Deus Ex developer Square Enix, as there are many users that have purchased this app and also choose to legally jailbreak their iOS devices. Fortunately, users can install the jailbreak tweak xCon from the ModMyi repository on Cydia to bypass the jailbreak detection. Do you think game publishers have a right to set restrictions like this?

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