Taiwanese Paper is the Latest to Claim that the iPad Mini Won’t See Retina Until 2014


The Economic Daily News, a Taiwanese newspaper with connections to the supply chain of most technology companies, is today claiming that a shortage of appropriately sized retina displays will mean that the iPad mini will retain its current display resolution of 1024-by-768 throughout 2013.

Considering that the only real downside of the iPad mini for most is the relatively low resolution, it certainly is a disappointment. Previous reports have given similar data, usually citing the same reasons as well. It’s impossible to say exactly what Apple will do until the product itself is released, but it does seem likely at this point that the iPad mini will not go retina this year.

If the iPad mini does not go retina, it seems likely that Apple will instead focus on other aspects of the device. Notably, the processor, graphics, and RAM will likely be updated to be more powerful, and the battery life will also likely see a boost. There’s also the possibility that a non-retina iPad mini could be sold for less, making the device more competitive with other small tablets on the market.

[Economic Daily News via MacRumors]

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