Microsoft to Slash Price of Surface to Just $349

Blue Microsoft Surface

One would assume that the expensive $499 price tag of the base model Surface tablet, or $599 with the attachable Touch Cover keyboard, is one of the main reasons that Microsoft has been struggling to sell the slate. In fact, during the last two quarters combined, it is reported that only 1.8 million Surface tablets were shipped.

Just yesterday, it was revealed that Microsoft has plans to update both its Surface RT and Surface Pro tablets within the next year. Now, sources tell The Verge that the Redmond-based company will cut the price of its Surface tablet models by $150 each as soon as next week due to poor sales. 

The new price points will be as follows:

  • Surface RT 32GB – $349.99
  • Surface RT 64GB – $449.99
  • Surface RT 32GB with Touch Cover – $449.99
  • Surface RT 64GB with Touch Cover – $549.99

This move appears to be part of a greater effort by Microsoft to clear stock ahead of next-generation Surface tablets. The Surface Pro will reportedly be refreshed with the latest Haswell processor, and Microsoft is said to be testing Surface devices with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor.

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