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BlueFlame | Cable | $29.99[IMG]Cables for the older generation iPods and iPhones come a dime a dozen. Companies are coming out with the new Lightning cable, and BlueFlame has come out with their own. The BlueFlame 2M Charge and Sync Cable with Lightning Connector may be a bit more expensive than Apple’s offerings, but the longer length and better overall quality seem to justify it a bit. 


The entire design of the BlueFlame cable is monochromatic except for the BlueFlame logo itself, which, as the name would describe, is colored blue and placed on the USB end of the cable. The design of the cable actually looks very classy with a futuristic look to it. The woven cable looks beautiful as well.


Design: ★★★★


The BlueFlame Lightning cable no real unique features to set it off from the competition. Feature-wise, it’ll do what any other lightning cable will do, charge and sync your device. The length of the cable is actually quite long though, two meters (about six and a half feet). Outside that, the cable isn’t too feature rich, but what else are you really expecting it to do?


Features: ★★★★


This is one spot where the cable will shine. Apple’s cable really isn’t the top when it comes to durability, I know mine hasn’t held up as well as it should. BlueFlame uses a thicker, more robust cable that has a fabric shell on the outside. It feels very strong in hand and has a nice stiffness to it, but will also bend and wind the way you expect it to; it rarely, if ever tangles. It’s definitely one of the better cables I’ve put my hands on.


BlueFlame incorporates a very unique strain relief with its cables. The body extends beyond the actual strain relief to allow less stress on the actual strain relief. This is a very solid design choice that also looks beautiful. This is visible on the USB-side of the cable while the Lightning side should incorporate the same design, but it’s covered.


Build: ★★★★


There is a lot that will really keep you using this cable over the competition, the main part of it is the build quality of the cable, that and the fact that it functions like you’d expect, like Apple’s very own. However, the length may draw people away from it. If you need a long cable, this may suite you.

The length of the cable is really something to love or hate about it. It makes for a great charging cable for a USB wall outlet, but for most practical uses, a shorter length would be more preferred, it all depends on what you’re using it for. I do wish BlueFlame offered the cable in different lengths.

Reuse: ★★★★½


Thirty dollars is the asking price from BlueFlame for their Lightning cable. This is 10 dollars more than what Apple charges for theirs. The upped build quality of the cable, in my opinion, does make it worth the price. However, as I stated earlier, some people have no use for 2 meters of cable and may find it cumbersome. I do wish that BlueFlame would offer the cable in different sizes. If you are looking for something longer than what Apple has, this may be a direction to go.

Value: ★★★★½

Final Thoughts

There are lots of Lightning cables around today, the Chinese took a strong initiative to get cheap options out there. BlueFlame decided to make a cable that felt quality, and worked like it should. If Apple’s cable isn’t long enough for your charging needs, this cable is twice the length and should easily fit your needs.

I’d like to thank BlueFlame for the product sample.

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BlueFlame Lightning Cable

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