iOS 7 Beta 3 Appropriately Scales iPhone Apps on iPad with Retina Assets

Since the release of the first generation iPad, users have had the opportunity of installing and using iPhone apps. Sadly, as of the latest version of iOS 6, iOS still uses non-retina assets–in essence, the iPad doesn’t even know that there is a higher-resolution “retina” quality version of the app that could be displayed. Apple has fixed this with the latest beta of iOS 7–hit the break for the details.

Currently, users can display the app as a small 1x recreation of the iPhone screen or, alternatively, they can “pixel double” and simply show a zoomed-in version of that very same interface. This made sense before retina screens, but as far back as the iPhone 4, apps have largely been shipping with higher resolution interfaces that could have been used this whole time. We could have been using scaled up iPhone apps at non-reduced resolution this entire time. Apple just hasn’t supported it.

No longer. As of iOS 7 beta 3, an iPhone app installed on an iPad will run using retina assets by default. Interestingly, if you’re using a non-retina iPad, you can’t display the smaller, iPhone-replica version. Your only option is the fullscreen display using the app’s retina interface. As you can see in the video that iDownloadBlog put together above, gone are the days of pixel doubled horrible looking iPhone apps on iPad.

Overall, this welcomed feature should make iPhone-only apps much more pleasant to use on the iPad, and eliminates the need for just one more jailbreak tweak. It makes sense that Apple would finally make this move, and maybe it makes sense that they waited a while. After all, it wasn’t until May that all apps became required to have a retina interface.


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