Giffy Lets You View Gifs in is pretty good at viewing photos, but what about animated images? As you most likely know, these photos are most commonly saved in .gif format. As you may also know, you can save these photos to your camera roll. Sadly, though, you can’t actually view them (yes, I know you can view them if sent as a text message). This doesn’t help much because when viewing them in, they’re just a still placeholder. You can’t even tell that they’re gifs unless you send them.

But for those of you still hanging out on Apple supported–but jailbroken–iOS 6, there’s a tweak to fix that. It’s available on Cydia store right now for $0.99 and it’s called Giffy.You can use it to view gifs within the native Photos app, or at any other time your device pulls up the image picker. Once installed, there’s nothing to configure.

Worth 99 cents or not? You decide.

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