Microsoft Draws on iPad’s Lack of True Multitasking in Latest TV Ad

Microsoft has continued its aggressive marketing campaign against Apple, with a new TV advertisement that focuses on the iPad’s lack of true multitasking. In the commercial, two amateur scouts are standing next to each other at a baseball game, using a Windows 8 tablet and iPad respectively to communicate with their managers about a prospect player.

The 30-second spot uses America’s favorite pastime as an opportunity to highlight the ability for Windows 8 tablets to run more than one app at once, something that the iPad is unable to do. It’s the same marketing strategy against Apple products that other competitors, namely Samsung, have used in the past. Apple, too, once ran a series of successful Mac vs. PC ads a number of years back.

Microsoft has been largely unsuccessful at getting Windows 8 tablets to gain traction in the market — the Surface is nothing more than an also-ran — and continues to face pressure from both the iPad and a number of competitive Android tablet offerings. Taking the anti-Apple approach might have worked for Samsung in the past, but I’m not quite sure how effective it’ll be for Microsoft.

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